American Fiction/Literature Cottage

Nestled just behind our mystery cottage, you’ll come across an ocean-blue building along a tranquil garden path.This is our American fiction and literature cottage, and you’ll soon find it is positively filled to the brim with books written by American authors! Our staff fondly refers to this cozy cottage as Middle Earth, as it sits neatly between our mystery and world literature buildings. Here you’ll find a wide selection of romance, biographies, historical fiction, essays, and classic American novels to name but a few. Frequent visitors to our store will know this quaint cottage used to hold ALL of our fiction and made for some downright impressive photos of our book stacks! We’re beyond ecstatic to have expanded our world fiction and literature into a completely separate building with plenty of room for our collection. Overwhelmed by our selection? Our staff is always more than happy to find what you are looking for, so don’t be afraid to ask for help back at the register in the mystery cottage!

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