If you’ve ever casually asked me for a book recommendation, there is a good chance I conjured this title without even thinking. The Dog Who Could Fly is a fascinating book that will both amaze the casual non-fiction reader and retain the gleeful attention of the more-seasoned. Damien Lewis (no relation) recounts yet another story too incredible to have come from the pages of a reputable novel – that of Antis the dog. This heroic pup evaded Germans in the no-man’s land of the Phoney War, flew for France as it collapsed, fled to Britain to join the RAF, served in over 30 missions, got wounded, evaded Russians, and then retired back in the UK as their most highly decorated animal combatant. Those are barely even the cliff-notes to this endearing piece of WWII minutia so come grab yourself a copy of The Dog Who Could Fly from our big green building at 2422 Perwinkle Way.

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